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Our Mission

To deliver thoughtful insight and experienced solutions from concept to completion through consultation and site management services.

To successfully provide clear and candid information to rurally located clients who are fulfilling their property development goals.


Driveway Construction

We build driveways to suit all kinds of properties from high grade engineered roads to winding trails through the trees. If it’s a solid base you’re concerned about, we can take care of that, favorite tree you don’t want damaged, consider them safe! Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll get you there!


Basement Excavation

With many years and many basements under our belts, there are no home excavations that are too big or too complicated for us. Got blueprints? Let us help you make them a hole!

And don’t worry, we won’t leave you with a big mess…backfilling, rough grading, finish grading, spreading topsoil and seeding are all part of our skill set as well! The truth is…we have a lot of fun working with clients to get their yards looking (and working) like they want them!


Water Systems

Ok, so we don’t drill wells but we can refer someone, and we do tie them in so you have water! We do all kinds of water system applications from the simple pump in well and pressure tank to complicated valving systems for multiple zone uses (like when you have more than one building and want to add livestock waterers) YES! we install automatic waterers and hydrants too!

And it’s one stop shopping! We’ll design the system, trench it in, supply materials and hook it up… the only two things you need to do are sign the cheque and start using water!


Septic Systems

Gross right? Here’s the gross part, your septic backing up into your house, or bubbling up onto your lawn! How about this ?…we install it right so those things don’t happen!

And of all the things on this list, if we have a “specialty” this is it, from simple holding tanks to cutting edge advanced treatment units in impossible areas. No septic is out of our realm.

We often get calls from clients telling us we were the only number to call, no one else will take this on.


Screw Piles

Need quick foundation? Screw piles (or helical piles) are the answer! And seeing as we are connected right to the manufacturer it’s no problem to have custom specs met in a timely fashion.

Still not sure what a screw pile is? click here

We can even take care of any engineering for the piles if it makes it easier for you!


Excavation Shoring

Here’s something new and cool! ADS is an exclusive distributor for Shortek Systems Patented excavation shoring system. So if you have a site that has proximity issues to property lines or utilities and you need a safe excavation for people to work in we have the solution!

To see a video of how this product works, click here


Tough Site?

Worried about your site being a challenge because of trees, steep slopes, rock, maybe mud or standing water? Not sure how to approach it? No problem, we’ve dealt with hundreds of situations and overcome obstacles with fantastic success, this is after all, what we do!


Rough Landscaping

Want a pond? What about rocks or berms? Drainage swales? Need dirt moved for your landscaping? How about permaculture projects? We do all of these and maybe more importantly HAVE done several of each, just ask, we’ll give you examples.

Sorry we don’t take on design or planting work (but you guessed it, we can refer someone) and typically they can do both design and soft work!


    Got a project you're not sure how to approach? Let us help! With the experience in acreages that we've gained over the years, figuring out solutions to problems comes naturally. Don't hesitate, call now!!